Name: Arsenie Todiras

Gebutstag: 22.07.1983

Gebutsort: Chisinau (Moldawien)

Haarfarbe: Braun (manchmal aber schwarz gefärbt)

Augenfarbe: Blau

Größe: 1,86 m

Sternzeichen: Krebs

Lieblingsfarbe: Blau, Weiß, Grün

Lieblingslied von DiscO-zone: Despre tine

Geschwister: 1 Schwester (Alina)


Am 3. April war Arsenie im Chat von http://www.o-zone-deutschland.de

16:38:20) O-Zone Chat: >>> Arsenium sneaks into O-Zone Chat.
(16:38:37) MsU: hello arsenium
(16:38:38) Streuner: hii
(16:38:45) AlyssaToderas (to Arsenium): hi
(16:38:50) O-ZoneSpatzl: arsenium....... 
(16:38:51) Arsenium: Hello
(16:39:24) Arsenium: how are you?
(16:39:46) Fury: fine
(16:40:02) MsU (to Arsenium): fine thnx, how are you
(16:40:03) viktorzeher (to Arsenium): weba
(16:40:04) O-ZoneZwerg: hi
(16:40:06) Streuner: good, and you?
(16:40:07) Arsenium (to MrsTodiras): how are you
(16:40:24) ulrike_sîrbu: fine 
(16:40:56) Arsenium: i'm ok, i'm in Berlin
(16:41:26) MsU: how is berlin, do you enjpoy it?
(16:41:26) Arsenium: i'm in Berlin and i like Currywurst
(16:41:28) Fury: que sorpresa 
(16:43:08) viktorzeher (to Arsenium): where are you from?
(16:45:01) Arsenium: big sorpresa
(16:45:23) MsU (to Arsenium): how is berlin? did you enjoy last ni
(16:45:46) -natas- (to Arsenium): big sorpresa ««« what ?
(16:46:03) viktorzeher (to -natas-): big surprise
(16:46:39) -natas- (to viktorzeher): ok.
(16:47:04) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): hi how are you?
(16:47:29) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): hi!!!
(16:47:37) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): how are u??
(16:48:18) Arsenium: have you seen me on RTL?
(16:48:48) Fury: yes!
(16:48:54) MsU: no, but i taped it on video....RTL is not avaible in Holland
(16:48:54) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): yes
(16:48:56) viktorzeher (to Arsenium): are you Arsenie???
(16:48:58) Streuner (to Arsenium): yes!
(16:48:59) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): i can´t í´m from Mexico
(16:49:15) Arsenium: and what do you think about?
(16:49:27) Fury: congratulation
(16:49:39) -natas- (to Arsenium): you looked great
(16:49:48) Leonie: And we're all going to watch it at Anneke!
(16:49:55) viktorzeher (to Arsenium): no i couldn´t i don ´t have... but congratulation!!
(16:50:03) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): Congratulations u were great
(16:50:06) Streuner (to Arsenium): very good!!!
(16:50:11) MsU: sure....you are all invited
(16:50:13) taschenlampe (to Arsenium): Congrats...
(16:50:23) Arsenium: no, i'm ARSENIUM emo&:D-->biggrin.gifendemo-->
(16:50:30) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium, Arsenium): sweet
(16:50:40) MsU (to Arsenium): do you like berlin?
(16:50:56) Arsenium: yes, it is sunny today
(16:51:18) Paddy_Toderas (to Arsenium): hello how are you?
(16:51:33) Arsenium (to Paddy_Toderas): very good, thank you
(16:51:40) ulrike_sîrbu (to Arsenium): hi hzow are your?
(16:51:43) MsU (to Arsenium): what do you think of meeting Manu and Aksis?
(16:52:25) Arsenium: very good meeting
(16:52:26) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): your eyes are beautiful
(16:52:33) viktorzeher: I had the dream that Arsenie will come here today! 
(16:52:58) Arsenium (to ArsyWölkchen): thanks a lot 
(16:54:00) Arsenium: yesterday i had a dream, were god told me "come in chat today"
(16:54:15) ulrike_sîrbu (to Arsenium): It was so cute, what you said yesterday at the echo : Alo, Salut Ich bin Haiduc 
(16:54:30) MsBrazzo: @ars This god was Manu
(16:54:32) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): cool 
(16:54:49) viktorzeher (to Arsenium): but i´m serious!
(16:55:05) Arsenium: Manu was his messanger emo&;)-->zwink.gifendemo-->
(16:55:16) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): LOL
(16:55:34) viktorzeher: lol!
(16:55:43) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): oh cool
(16:55:45) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): thank you for coming to the chat
(16:56:01) Leonie (to Arsenium): You get greetings from Patricia, a friend of mine. She can't come to the chat.....
(16:56:49) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): thanks, how much time do u will be here
(16:56:53) Arsenium (to Leonie): kiss to Patricia
(16:57:27) Leonie (to Arsenium): I'll say that to her
(16:57:40) Paddy_Toderas (to Arsenium): you were really cute, you were super
(16:57:43) Arsenium: i like Dan very much
(16:57:43) Arsenium: hold on
(16:57:46) Olivia: wanna have a kiss too
(16:57:52) ulrike_sîrbu (to Arsenium): Greetings from my sister, she doesn`t believe that you are in the chat
(16:58:06) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): kisses from my mother
(16:58:10) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): cool
(16:58:15) sanni (to Arsenium): ists very nice that you are here
(16:58:16) Arsenium: kiss to Olivia and everyone else
(16:58:52) Arsenium (to MsBrazzo): kiss your mother back 
(16:59:24) MsBrazzo: @ars later
(17:01:58) O-Zone Chat: Arsenium is away now

(17:05:15) O-Zone Chat: Arsenium is back
(17:05:15) Arsenium: kiss to everyone
(17:05:19) Leonie (to aksis): You translating everything for Arsenie now or, isn't he watching along with you?
(17:05:53) Anneke: so to you
(17:05:54) sanni (to Arsenium): kiss back
(17:05:55) Leonie (to Arsenium): Kiss back 
(17:05:57) Fury (to Arsenium): only one question: What kind of music do you listen?
(17:05:59) aksis: nah just when he asks
(17:06:00) MrsTodiras (to Arsenium): welcome back
(17:06:20) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): thanks
(17:06:21) Uli (to Arsenium): welcome back
(17:06:37) Arsenium: music for my soul
(17:06:40) aksis: and he is very curious 
(17:06:59) Fury (to Arsenium): ahaaaaaaaaaaaa.... thank you so much for this answer....
(17:08:08) Uli (to Arsenium): how did you feel yesterday, when you won the Echo?
(17:09:08) Arsenium: to liit felt like an orgasm on the stage
(17:09:21) Arsenium: emo&:lol:-->lol.gifendemo-->
(17:09:26) Olivia:  orgasm coooooollllll.. what´s that?
(17:09:34) MsBrazzo: @ars I like you more and more
(17:09:36) AlyssaToderas (to Arsenium): lol
(17:09:40) O-ZoneZwerg (to Arsenium): do you like football??
(17:09:44) Anneke (to Arsenium): Man.....at stage..?? you rather than i do
(17:09:55) Arsenium: no i dont really like football
(17:10:17) MsBrazzo: ATTENTION PLS!!!
(17:10:25) MsBrazzo: THE LATEST PIC OF ARSENIUM!!
(17:11:22) MsBrazzo: user posted image 

(17:12:49) Paddy_Toderas (to Arsenium): whats your favorit color?
(17:13:34) Arsenium (to Paddy_Toderas): blue red, black 
(17:14:23) Arsenium: my sweater is black, my eyes are red and my jeans are blue
(17:14:50) Uli (to Arsenium): i love your blue eyes, but i think i`m not the alone with that opinion
(17:15:18) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): yes i love your blue eyes too
(17:15:19) sanni (to Arsenium): i love your eyes too
(17:15:46) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): all the girls love your blue eyes
(17:15:49) Arsenium: i said red eyes
(17:16:11) O-ZoneZwerg (to Arsenium): ok then i love your red eyes   
(17:16:26) Uli (to Arsenium): sorry, i love your read, blue and other coloured eyes
(17:16:30) Arsenium: thank you i will give them to you
(17:17:10) Anneke (to Arsenium): how did you get those red eyes, were you crying or something?
(17:17:16) Arsenium: no my eyes are red because of orgasme on stage 
(17:18:25) Fury: I guess there are still some minors in here
(17:19:29) Arsenium: kids forget about orgasme its not for you, Arsenium doesnt teach u bad things
(17:19:39) Fury (to Arsenium): too late
(17:19:48) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): great
(17:19:59) Anneke (to Arsenium): what do you mean bad...what is bad about that, it natural
(17:20:12) arsenie_rocks: hi arsenium
(17:20:17) arsenie_rocks: i like your name
(17:20:18) Uli (to Arsenium): ok, i`ll forgett all what you said
(17:20:19) Arsenium: give me one more chance emo&:)-->smile.gifendemo-->
(17:20:21) arsenie_rocks: do you like mine?
(17:21:03) Arsenium (to arsenie_rocks): yes i do
(17:21:13) arsenie_rocks: and he rocks
(17:21:16) arsenie_rocks: and is fine
(17:21:24) arsenie_rocks: isnt that right arsenium?
(17:21:41) Arsenium (to arsenie_rocks): its right sweetheart
(17:22:11) Anneke (to Arsenium): i guess this chat is very good for your ego, isnt it (self concience)
(17:22:53) Manu: Arsenium hat keine Problem mit seinem Ego
(17:23:08) Anneke (to Manu): ofcourse not, not anymore
(17:23:17) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): You like Rammstein?
(17:26:10) Anneke (to Arsenium): don't you ever want to know what sort of girl are in such chatbox...talking about how great you are and stuff.....it seems to me that you can get very tired of all that: i like you's ....
(17:26:16) Arsenium: i like Rammstein
(17:26:42) Paddy_Toderas (to Arsenium): do you make toure in switzerland?¨
(17:26:55) Arsenium: i dont get tired form girls telling me thy like me
(17:27:13) Arsenium: i will come to Switzerland
(17:27:18) Anneke: and Holland?
(17:27:39) MsBrazzo: @ars I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you....
(17:27:40) AlyssaToderas: and munich?
(17:27:43) Anneke: come visit Ciska in Holland....
(17:27:49) MsBrazzo: MUNIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(17:28:33) viktor (to Arsenium): aldo Will you come to Slovakia?
(17:29:07) Arsenium: i will come everywhere in Germany this summer i will have a lot of promotion to the north part too
(17:29:52) MrsTodiras (to Arsenium): and what about Poland?
(17:30:04) Arsenium: @ Anneke do u want to be my wife??
(17:30:15) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): rofl
(17:30:28) sanni (to Arsenium): i will be your wife emo&;)-->zwink.gifendemo-->
(17:30:45) Fury (to Arsenium): dangerous question when there are 18 witnesses
(17:31:06) MsBrazzo: MrsTodiras is already Arsenie's wife as you can see emo&;)-->zwink.gifendemo-->
(17:31:07) Anneke (to Arsenium): Hahaha, ohonestly i was talking about MrsTodiras....but now you are talking about it.......i'll think about it ok???.....thinking...thinking....when will i meet you?
(17:31:14) Uli (to Arsenium): i`ll ve your wife too 
(17:32:18) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): are u thinking to go to America??
(17:33:10) Uli (to Arsenium): do you like this chat and your fans twho are in here?
(17:33:13) Arsenium: i will release in Poland, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, England, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Holland, Italy, Romania and Moldova, Belgium, Luxembourough, Austria
(17:33:22) Arsenium: these are already signed, and in the next months the rest of the world will follow
(17:33:56) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium):  What a busy man!
(17:33:59) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): ok, i hope that u go to America too
(17:34:01) Olivia: oh.. good luck then
(17:34:18) Arsenium: forgot France and Spain
(17:34:33) Fury (to Arsenium): How could you forget SPAIN?????
(17:34:38) Arsenium (to Mariana_o-zone): i wil come to America for sure
(17:34:46) Arsenium (to Fury): excuse me
(17:34:47) Paddy_Toderas (to Arsenium): are you still single?
(17:34:55) Arsenium: yes i am single
(17:35:06) Arsenium: yes i am single
(17:35:09) Arsenium: yes i am single
(17:35:15) Arsenium: yes i am single
(17:35:18) Fury: one more time, please
(17:35:23) Manu: he search for a girl-friend emo&;)-->zwink.gifendemo-->
(17:35:27) Arsenium: yes i am single
(17:35:35) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): great
(17:35:36) O-ZoneZwerg: that was in "bild" today!!! 
(17:36:13) O-ZoneZwerg: that he is searching one^^
(17:36:15) Anneke (to Arsenium): you're engaged :P
(17:37:27) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): I will too emo&;)-->zwink.gifendemo-->
(17:37:32) O-ZoneZwerg (to Arsenium): i too
(17:37:53) Arsenium: yes ofcourse Anneke with my music
(17:38:11) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): great, when u said America u mean only Canada, EUA or all America??
(17:39:22) Arsenium: all America
(17:41:56) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): great all America, specially Mexico will be waiting u
(17:42:40) Uli (to Arsenium): how long did you work to make your video?
(17:42:50) Manu: ihr könnt Arsenie und seine Schwester heute in der Viva Bams bewundern
(17:43:14) Arsenium: the preperation took 2 months and shooting one day and a night
(17:43:35) Arsenium: i will be on promotion in Germany very soon
(17:43:47) Arsenium: in April already i will start and tour around
(17:43:50) Uli (to Arsenium): oh thats really long
(17:43:51) MsBrazzo: Alina is a very georgeous woman
(17:43:59) viktor (to Arsenium): great!
(17:44:02) Laila (to Arsenium): that is great! 
(17:44:29) sanni (to Arsenium): thats nice
(17:46:06) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): I hope you will also come to bavaria! In your O-Zone times you almost forgot this area
(17:46:11) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): when are thinking release your album
(17:46:46) viktor (to Arsenium): and what do you think, when could be realised your album in Slovakia?
(17:48:19) O-Zone Chat: Arsenium is away now

(17:53:31) O-Zone Chat: Arsenium is back
(17:53:31) Arsenium: Anwesend!
(17:53:54) O-ZoneZwerg: weba
(17:53:54) MsBrazzo: welcome back
(17:54:00) Uli: weba Arsenie
(17:54:03) Arsenium: i have to go to sleep
(17:54:05) Olivia: wesalutäh
(17:54:09) sanni (to Arsenium): weba
(17:54:10) Sweety (to Arsenium): weba
(17:54:12) Ana_o-zone (to Arsenium): Hi! How are you?
(17:54:14) Streuner: weba
(17:54:16) Tweety (to Arsenium): welcome back ^^
(17:54:16) vanyToderas: WEBA!!!
(17:54:17) viktor: welcome back
(17:54:21) Fury (to Arsenium): Buenas Noches!
(17:54:25) Olivia: Good night and sweet dreams
(17:54:28) Ana_o-zone (to Arsenium): sleep well!
(17:54:34) sanni (to Arsenium): good night
(17:54:35) Arsenium: buenas noches
(17:54:37) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): good night! Don't forget us
(17:54:42) Laila (to Arsenium): that's a pitty. bye . good sleep
(17:54:44) viktor (to Arsenium): sleep well!
(17:54:46) vanyToderas (to Arsenium): sleep well....
(17:54:51) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): thank you very much for coming
(17:54:52) viktor (to Arsenium): nice dreams!
(17:54:55) O-ZoneZwerg (to Arsenium): good night
(17:54:57) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): weba
(17:55:08) Laila (to Arsenium): yeah thanks for being here.
(17:55:10) Ana_o-zone (to Arsenium): Good night! And have great dreams!
(17:55:11) ArsyWölkchen (to Arsenium): sleep good
(17:55:12) Uli (to Arsenium): dream of us and sleep well
(17:55:16) *o-zonebabe* (to Arsenium): good night
(17:55:23) Arsenium: i dont know when i will come back but it was nice to talk to you
(17:55:24) Tweety (to Arsenium): buna noapte
(17:55:26) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): do u speak spanish????
(17:55:29) Streuner (to Arsenium): sleep good
(17:55:32) Arsenium: i will be back LIVE
(17:55:39) Ana_o-zone (to Arsenium): Great!
(17:55:45) sanni (to Arsenium): good night  
(17:55:46) Laila (to Arsenium): super
(17:55:50) MsBrazzo: @ars we are looking forward to see you in action
(17:55:55) viktor (to Arsenium): good night!!
(17:55:56) vanyToderas (to Arsenium): bye
(17:55:58) AlyssaToderas (to Arsenium): good night
(17:55:59) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): great, it was great to talk with u buenas noches
(17:56:03) Uli (to Arsenium): thank you for coming
(17:56:23) viktor (to Arsenium): thanks for coming see you soon!
(17:56:26) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): thank u a lot
(17:56:30) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): from MrsTodiras: "Good luck, greetings and kisses"
(17:56:38) sanni (to Arsenium): thank you very much
(17:57:05) Ana_o-zone (to Arsenium): yeah! thanks so much!
(17:57:39) Arsenium: si je puedo hablar en Espanol.Hasta la vista chica
(17:57:40) Uli (to Arsenium): greetings of my sister, sleep good
(17:57:45) Mariana_o-zone (to Arsenium): la revedere, noapte buna
(17:58:13) MrsTodiras (to Arsenium): bye
(17:58:14) MsBrazzo (to Arsenium): ahum... and also a little kiss from me
(17:58:16) vanyToderas: bye bye arsy
(17:58:19) viktor (to Arsenium): hasta la vista!
(17:58:20) Ana_o-zone (to Arsenium): bye! Don't forget that we love you! Hehe
(17:58:22) Olivia: ade arsenie
(17:58:23) Sweety (to Arsenium): bye

(18:08:48) O-Zone Chat: <<< Arsenium crawls out of O-Zone Chat.


Interview mit Arsenie:


1. Deine Hobbies?
Schlafen - andernfalls in Clubs abhängen!
2. Wie würdest du dich selbst in wenigen Worten beschreiben?
Offen, verrückt, vernünftig - liebe es auf Partys zu gehen!
3. Was für Laster hast du?
Ich hatte eins - ich habe geraucht!
4. Wie bringt man dich auf die Palme?
Wenn man mich zu früh am Morgen aufweckt!
5. Was war der wichtigste Moment in deinem Leben?
Als ich mein Examen bestanden und auf der Bühne "Love Me Tender" von Elvis Presley gesungen habe!
6. Der traurigste Moment deines Lebens?
Der Tag, an dem ich wusste, dass ich meine Mutter nie mehr wiedersehen würde.
7. Wann war dein erstes Mal und wie alt warst du?
Mit 15, als ich mich in ein Mädchen aus meiner Schule verliebte. Ihr Name war Ionela. Sie war ein Jahr jünger als ich, und sie schaute mich nur einmal so süss an, und für mich war klar, dass sie die wahre Liebe meines Lebens ist!
8. Was ist dein Lebensmotto?
Sei optimistisch, damit deine Träume wahr werden, und geniesse dein Leben!


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